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Health Shop

The Natural Remedy

HealthShop Madreselva began its journey in the field of natural products longer than 10 years ago and has evolved over the years to become known for all citizens of Torremolinos.

We currently have an establishment in the Plaza de Andalucia Torremolinos, next to Miramar College, where he successfully marketed all types of organic food products, herbal, dietary and alternative treatments.

Products at the shop

- Products for diabetics
- Products for coliacs
- Ecological products
- Special breads
- Vitamins y minerals
- Mineral lamp
- Ecological beauty
- Batch Flowers



Services available at the shop: (Phone. 952 38 88 05):
- Foot reflexology
- Homeopathy
- Acupuncture
- Massages
- Weught Control Diets

Contact us by phone, email or personally at Plaza de Andalucia, Torremolinos (Málaga) to book an appointment.


Choose your massage


Massage is an ancient technique that not only be used if there is an aesthetic rather therapeutic target. They are a gift to our body. Learn about the types of massage we offer in HealthShop Madreselva.


- Relaxing
- Contractures
- Sprains
- Tendinitis
- Lumbalgia
- Sciatica
- Circulation
- Slimming
- Cellulitis reduction

The benefits of massage are many... promotes relaxation, releases tension, avoids muscle injuries, releases endorphins, relaxes muscles, improves circulation, relieves pain and reduces stress.

Massages are Eastern origin techniques that were modified and called Swedish massage. The main feature is that it is without clothes and oils to help with maneuvering.

The massage is recommended for men and women of all ages. One should be avoided when there is fever, or infectious processes thrombi.


We offer other services

Naturophatic physician & Kinesioloist

This shop are directed by qualified staff with degrees in naturopathy and kinesiology.

The primary mission of Naturopathy is to eliminate harmful and harmful substances from the body and instead provide useful and healthy for the purification and regeneration of tissues substances.
Kinesiology, is a series of studies and muscle test to check and diagnose any imbalances in the body.

Weight control diets

Physical activity is related to health and lifestyle, and should be part of the daily routine of all people.

It combines physical activity with diet effective weight control, and get the results you want.

Bach Flowers remedies

Dr. Bach in his long years of research, discovered the effects of flower essences in the body. These flowers are each related to a different state of mind in humans and animals.

Loss of a loved one, separation, fears, insecurities, etc.. You can come to you or do the preparation you need help to find them.

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Contact with us


Herboristería Madreselva
Plaza de Andalucía
29620 Torremolinos, Málaga - Spain



Phone: 0034 952 38 88 05